Pre cruise excitement


So, I’m currently writing this from my hammock on a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean, while drinking a fresh coconut.

Except by tropical island I mean my backyard. And replace the coconut with a lemon squash. 17,000km away from the actual Caribbean. But I AM writing this from my hammock, while dreaming of being where my heart really seems to lie!

What caused me to be lost in this daydream? Well, I just booked my next cruise! Unfortunately, not until February 2019 though. 18 weeks, 16 hours and 20 minutes to go. Not that I’m counting down or anything, right? I’ll be heading back to Far North Queensland. It will be summer this time which means it will be super hot, so i’m excited for hot weather! A lot of people ask why I would go back somewhere that i’ve already been, and the many answers are pretty simple: Because I loved it there and want to explore more, because it was a cruise that worked out best when booking it, and at the end of the day, I’d be happy going anywhere as long as I was on a ship.

If you enjoy cruising, you will know the excitement that follows booking a cruise. The excitement of knowing that soon you’ll be back on your floating home, not having to cook, clean and getting little chocolates every night. Not to mention all the cocktails and beautiful locations. But then, there’s always the dreaded impatience. It’s SO damn far away; how am I going to wait so long?! I hate the wait. I’m the most impatient person in the world when it comes to vacations…or anything really. But in the end, the wait always works in my favour because i’m also very unorganised. The kind of unorganised where i’m still booking flights 3 weeks before the cruise, pre-cruise accommodation 2 days before and packing the night before! I’m trying to get better at not waiting until the last minute, so I figure the more cruises I go on, the more practice i get, right?

Which leads me to this topic: packing! Who hates it? Who loves it?? Me? I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the idea of it and I always want to start packing some ridiculous amount of time before the cruise. It gets me so excited. But then I drag my suitcase out, and think about only choosing certain clothing items, a certain amount of shoes and how hard that decision is, that I end up packing and unpacking multiple times up until the night before. It pretty much ends up being a lucky dip suitcase. On that note, how many pairs of heels for one cruise is too many? If I had it my way, I would be taking more than one suitcase with probably everything except the kitchen sink. I like to have options – what happens if i eat too much on formal night and i dont fit into my formal dress?? (because lets face it, there’s no such thing as dieting when you’ve got the buffet and dining room at your finger tips!)

Packing to come home is a whole different story. As I mentioned above, me being a serial last minute packer, in true form I will leave it until 5pm on the night that you have to put your suitcases out for collection. Then ‘packing’ will generally involve me literally throwing all my clothes, shoes, etc into my suitcase in no sort of order and having to sit on my case to zip it up. Packing up to leave is a sad reality that your cruise is coming to an end and definitely my most hated part of a cruise!

And then you have UNPACKING when you get home. If you’ve read this far then you can probably guess how it turns out for me without me having to go into detail! If you thought that I unpack as terribly as I pack, then you would be right. It happens gradually over time as I need things. If I just left my suitcase packed, then I wouldn’t have the trouble of packing for the next holiday, right??

z-funny-291     31195597_1950168208627313_936151780772495265_n-1download

If the above doesn’t describe me when it comes to packing, then I dont know what does!

If anyone has any handy packing tips or must-do’s, feel free to share them!


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